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Demonstrator Fund 2023-24

The fund is now closed. Please sign up to our newsletter to be notified about the next round.

The Scottish Government’s Climate Action Hub Fund has created an opportunity to build a Climate Hub in Glasgow which will allow us to build on and strengthen the city’s networks to collaborate, share experience and work together in coordinated action against climate change. We’re delighted that this funding allows us to offer a small Demonstrator Grant Programme of £30,000 to identify and highlight examples of innovative practice across the city.

We’re interested in hearing from organisations who have new ideas for activities which engage their communities and build their capacity to understand, participate, and act on climate change.

All projects should contribute to the core outcomes of the Hub:


  • More people in Glasgow are aware of the climate emergency and engaged in climate action  

  • Community organisations feel more able to share and gather knowledge and experience about climate action

  • Community organisations are able to access more funding to deliver projects that address or support adaptations to climate change 

  • There is increased participation in the GCCAN and collaboration and connection between community organisations


We will prioritise applications which:

  • Raise awareness of climate change and its impact on our communities

  • Educate and empower people to take actions within their own life and communities

  • Highlight innovative ways to increase engagement and participation

  • Demonstrate collaboration between local groups and organisations

  • Are likely to provide insight into addressing barriers to engagement/participation in climate action (cultural, economical etc.)



  • The maximum grant available is £5000 with a minimum of £2000

  • Projects must deliver to communities within the Glasgow City area

  • The fund is primarily focused on the delivery of activity but the costs of meaningful consultation with communities can be considered if the application demonstrates how this will enhance delivery.

  • Organisations must become a member of the Glasgow Community Climate Action Network and, in doing so, confirm that your organisation aligns with its vision, purpose and values.

  • Organisations do not need to be already working in this area but do need to demonstrate a sufficient awareness of climate issues to be able to effectively deliver the proposed activities in a way that meets the outcomes of the fund.

  • Projects and activities must be delivered by 31st of March 2024 with reporting due by 15th of April 2024.

  • Projects should be as sustainable as possible in their delivery e.g. no use of single use items.

  • Capital costs cannot be included in the fund. We will consider requests for small items of technology like phones, laptops etc. where essential.

  • Grant offers should made by the 15th of January and activity should be complete within 10 weeks with a report due 14 days after completion.


Target groups

We recognise that, as part of a just transition, the work of the hub needs to reach across many communities. With that in mind, this fund is particularly interesting in hearing from groups working with:

  • Communities in the North East of Glasgow

  • LGBTQ+ communities

  • People with disabilities

  • Black and ethnic minority communities

Application are open now and will close at midnight on the 10th of January.

As lead partner for the Hub, Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector will be administering the fund. Application details may be shared with the following delivery partners: Glasgow Eco Trust, Loco Homes Retrofit, Rags to Riches (Govanhill Baths Trust), Merry-go-Round, and Partners for Future Scotland.

You can register to join the GCCAN Network here:

We would recommend that applicants register to join the network before completing their application for the fund. Any applications where we are unable to verify registration may be rejected.

If you would like a summary of the application to prepare your answers,

you can download one here.

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