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Training Opportunities

Emerging Leaders Programme 


In partnership with GCVS, the Glasgow Climate Action Hub is delighted to offer 16 fully funded places for the emerging leaders programme in the third sector. This training programme is available to organisations who are members of The Glasgow Climate Action Network (GCAN).  


This opportunity is ideal for those with current management or supervisory responsibilities who aspire to become tomorrow's leaders, and will help develop their leadership, management and communication skills. Specially created with the needs of the climate change sector in mind, the programme will include: 

  • A Professional Development Award (PDA) in Leadership: SCQF Level 8 
    jointly certified by SQA and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) 

  • Focused Training and Development Workshop/Online Learning 
    specialised on People Management, Communication Skills and Climate Change


Who is it for? 

We would like to hear from 'emerging leaders' in Glasgow’s Climate third sector. Those in leadership and people management roles, such as team leaders, middle managers, or Trustees. This opportunity is aimed at those with less senior positions than the roles of chief executive or chair, but we may consider candidates who are particularly new to such positions. 

Aspiring senior leaders should apply and seek to further their development as a third sector climate leader. 

Application Process 

We are interested in receiving applications only from Glasgow Climate Action Network members, who at present hold management/supervisory roles: 

Participation will be by a selection process, which considers: 

  • Career pathway to date 

  • Goals and aspiration for the future 

  • Challenges faced and areas for development 


In addition, we ask you to tell us about your career to this point, your goals and aspirations for the future and will also request that you provide a short supporting statement from your manager to accompany your application. 


If you are interested in applying for the training or would like to find out further information, please email

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